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Spam Emails

Sally & Polly: Forming Relationships With SPAM Emailers

Sally Fernandez and Polly Wong are fictional characters I created so that I could have a (more) meaningful reason to respond to all of the spam emails I had been receiving.

Synopsis on Sally: 

Sally is a hopeless romantic. She has been "in love" with Billy for many years, although it's clear that Billy does not reciprocate these feelings. In fact, Billy doesn't even really know who Sally even is. She's probably just that one freak to him.
A Love Note from Sally to Billy
Sally likes friends--but she seems to make a lot more while standing on a street corner. Sally likes everyone...well, except Molly. They're kind of not on speaking terms at the moment. Mostly, though, Sally becomes attached to SPAM emailers.

Want to read Sally's responses to spam emailers?
Click on the links below:

Synopsis on Polly:

Polly is slightly more intelligent than her half-sister, Sally. Her relationships with the spammers tend to last the span of a few emails. She's learned that it's very hard to form a significant relationship with someone in Africa, because they just seem to want tangible items--not love--but Polly is willing to do anything to make the relationship last.


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