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Thursday, February 9, 2012

For All the CRAFTY Women, Holla!

Ever since I was little (and by that, I mean thinner--not shorter), I’ve been crafty.


[Scene: Shannon, Little Sister, and Little Brother are in the driveway playing 3-Square]

Shannon hits the red bouncy ball with a sleight of hand, yet the ball manages to strike the top corner of Sister's square and then leap out of bounds, and start to roll away. Sister pouts. Sister walks after ball. Shannon motions for Brother to come over to her.

Shannon speaks to Brother just above a whisper; looks to make sure Sister is out of audible range; she is, three feet away.

Zoom in on Brother's face after Shannon speaks to Brother.

Brother [confused]: ...but we don't have that kind of soda.

Zoom out.

Shannon [gives an exaggerated wink into the camera]: Oh, yes we do.

[Scene: Shannon and Brother sitting in time-out on the stairway landing]

Mom [sternly]: I am ashamed of you two. Brother, why would you ever punch Sister in the face?

Brother [defensively]: Shannon told me to!

Shannon [defensively]: No, I didn't!

Mom [reasonably]: Well, Shannon, don't you know you have an influence on Brother? What did you do to make him punch Sister?

Shannon: All Brother did was ask Sister if she wanted a Hawaiian Punch...and he gave her one. Seems to me that she should be grateful that she got what she wanted.


[Scene: Hour later, Brother and Sister playing merrily outside. Shannon's eyes are red from crying, she's still sitting in time-out, and she's still wondering how she could get in trouble for telling Brother to give Sister a real "Hawaiian Punch"]

The End


  1. Clever at achieving one's aims by indirect or deceitful methods.
  2. Of, involving, or relating to indirect or deceitful methods.
...but I’ve never been into arts and crafts.

...BUT look what I just made!

T-Shirt Design

You see, I used this digital scrapbooking software called My Memories Suite. Usually, when I *try* and create a t-shirt design, I don't have the tools necessary to slant any words or photos I may use. However, since I've had this program I've been able to do that, and with ease.

But...wait...there's more!

My design may seem plain. But that's only because I made it. What's great about this program is that there are many colorful and bright pre-made scrapbook page layouts. Yes, my t-shirt design has nothing to do with scrapbooking. This program offers a plethora of possibilities to help you create whatever project is on your mind.

One of many scrapbook page layouts (photos of gorgeous children not included)
I have never, ever enjoyed scrapbooking with paper and hard-copy photos. Too girly(?) for me. However, I did enjoy placing selective photos into the already-laid-out slots. (See above)

...but here's the best part:

This is a 

for one lucky (crafty or non-crafty) reader to receive their own My Memories Suite V3 (value: $39.97)

To enter, follow the instructions below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks, and good luck!

(PS: If you just can't wait to snag this cool software, you can use this code to purchase the software for yourself:
and, guess what! This code will give you $10 off your My Memories Suite V3 purchase AND it'll give you a $10 coupon towards the MyMemories.com store.)


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