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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is just for you, Miss 365. You suggested I make my own award with my own rules...so I did. This should teach you to be careful of what you wish for. Or suggest. So, here, I'll pass this thang on to you, because I sure as heck don't want it--it's U.G.L.Y. (and this guy ain't got no alibi for looking like a raptor). But your blog makes me say, "Oooooh, hey, what? It's, like, wow!"

-Tell us your five most-played songs from your iTunes.
-Make a wish.
-Say the magic word. (For those of you who don't know, it's "Shidobee.")
-Did your wish come true? No? Then you're not saying it with enough emotion. Try again. This time, try yelling shidobee at the next thing that moves. It'll scare the crap out of it.
-Still no? Dang. Oh, well. It's a good thing you have this crappy (I mean this literally and figuratively, because, hey, if you did the above instructions then it really made someone shidobee) award to fall back on. Thank me later.

I changed my mind. I give this ShanWOW award to everyone who reads skims this post. That means you. And YOU. Hey, that old man standing behind you who's sneaking a look over your shoulder at your computer screen? Yep, this one's for him too. And for these very special people:


My bro

Random Michigan Number

You're Welcome.


  1. This really is Shanimal gone Crackers, lol.

  2. Your posts never fail to brighten an otherwise mundane day. :) Never change!

  3. That is a freakin rad award!

  4. Crap! I read this post... now I have to take that ugly thing? ;)

  5. Thank you for making me giggle as I lie in bed with the stomach virus of death.

    Your award is very... Awardable. I'd say. :-)

  6. Oh my. This is fantastic. I *might* just steal htis. ;0

  7. The HELL is up with Belinda's eyebrows???

  8. ClippedWings, yeah, Shanimal's gone bananas didn't really work. And neither did Shanimal's gone nuts. But crackers is perfect--they're yummy.

    Vicki, you don't know how big your comment made me smile.

    You guys need to take this crappy award. The rules say so.

  9. best award ever. I had to stuff a ShamWow in my kid's pants once when I ran out of diapers. Worked miracles as I'm sure ShanWow award will as well. :)

  10. Yep, I dated your bro. I recognize him from the photo.

    That's a cute, unique award. I like it!

    Be well.

  11. Hey, I live in Michigan. Maybe your random Michigan number is secretly me????????????

  12. I LOVE that award! I want it! And the lovely thing about the Shanwow Award is you don't have to jump through hoops and do loads of odd stuff to accept it. Oh wait... yes you do... forget it then... ;-)

  13. I heard that sham Wow guy was arrested for beating up a hooker who had a surprise penis.

  14. Rats. My wish did not come true. I will keep trying.

  15. Oh god, hahahaha! I love this! I can really take it? Do I have to beat up a hooker first? [ba-dum, ching!]

  16. HILARIOUS !!!!

    Accepted and since the Ninjas are still hovering with their migraine sticks it's going to be my post for the day :)

    PS My cat Rex Manning will not be pleased with "shidobee" if he turns on me I shall blame you :P

  17. I was going to try and pretend I didn't read this post to avoid the award, but then you left me a comment and forced me to acknowledge it:)

    Seriously, I will have fun writing a post about your super original and creative award!

  18. *dons Sally Field get-up and begins crazily spewing* YoU liKe mE! YoU rEaLly liKe mE!

    Thanks for this cool award! you’re a peach!

  19. I admit, I have not shidobeed anyone, BUT I will open my window right now and yell at the birds on the lawn xD

    Congrats on your non-sham award!!

  20. You can tell that Belinda is really surprised she got this award. I don't know why, she deserves it.

  21. I already have a bathroom shelf of awards on my blog, but this one is so special, I think I'll just go ahead and let it swim in the bowl. ;)
    Also, I just don't understand why my life needed to collide with Belinda's.

    U'r funny. :)

  22. I love this and feel like it should be accompanied by an infomerical :)

  23. Great stuff! I'll be sharing your blog on mine if it's ok? Visit me and let me know.


  24. Hey there, from one Shan to another! I just discovered you through the Friendly Friday blog hop! And, may I say, you're (or is it your? ;-)) a HOOT!!! And I'm gonna follow, dang it, even though the little voice in my head says it might be dangerous! LOL

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Shannon in WV


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