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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Definition of Disappointment

Do you notice anything wrong with this picture?

No, what's wrong is not the fact that that one dude is scratching "down there"...while being interrogated. It's also not wrong that he's smiling while doing it--because everyone who has ever been interrogated by a cop for raping a young, helpless girl scratches down there and smiles while being questioned. Certainly.

There's still something unsettling about this picture, though. The wrongdoing is tugging at my emotions and makes me want to cry. I cannot believe 20/20 has allowed this grave wrongdoing to appear on their show! Needless to say, I'm severely disappointed, 20/20.

You still don't see it?

Now do you see anything really, really wrong?

I was supposed to be watching 20/20's hour-long show on how a woman was stuffed in a suitcase, after being brutally raped, and dumped in a field left for dead. She survived. But as soon as I saw the horrid clip above, I lost any focus that I ever had (which was 46%) on the show. I just cannot say how let down 20/20 has made me feel. 20/20 is supposed to give insight into the world around us, that we may have not known otherwise, but all I can think of is how I can't trust this show as a news source if they can't even using correct spelling and punctuation. I've been watching 20/20 ever since Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters were the hosts, and never have I noticed mistakes on their show as I have within the past few weeks. What's up wit dat, yo?

Just in case you couldn't tell, my number one pet-peeve is when your and you're are used interchangeably. I don't care if you end your sentences with a preposition. I don't care if you start your sentence with because. I don't care if you overuse commas. I certainly don't care if your "sentence" isn't really a "sentence." Considering I write fragmented sentences all the time<---That's a sentence fragment. Heck, do I even care if you end a question with a period. Yes, but right now let's pretend that I don't.

You should never ever confuse your and you're because these two words have totally different meanings. Just as to, two, and too do. Just as there, their, and they're do. Just as hear and here do. Who's and whose. Then and than.

Confusing your and you're is like Eminem writing in his lyrics:

'Sup, homies?
I'm a wrapper.
Wanna be like me?
...Become a cracker.

But...he's NOT a wrapper--he's a rapper. How confused would his fans be if they read in People magazine, "Eminem, the wrapper, is touring San Francisco"? We wouldn't know whether Eminem had changed professions and now wraps gifts for a living. Or, we could think that People accidentally misprinted Eminem and it was supposed to say M&M. Then we start wondering to ourselves, I wonder why an M&M wrapper is on tour. What, did Justin Bieber touch it or something? Or, we could simply think whoever wrote that article is stupid because they don't know the difference between a rapper and a wrapper. Your homework assignment: Write a sentence using lose and another sentence using loose. Turn your homework into my comment section by 5 PM sharp.

To make it simple: you're=a contraction for the words you + are. So, anytime you would say "you are," you can just say you're.

Now that we've covered the your from the interrogation, it's time to move on to adding commas. Let's <------contraction for let + us look at this picture:

Which sentence do you think would be the correct sentence to use to describe this photo of Grams chewing on a piece of pizza?

Let's eat Grandma!


Let's eat, Grandma!

The first sentence is implying that you're shouting to your other family members that you're hecka excited to start chowing down on Grandma pizza. I know I'm a picky eater and all, but I don't think my grandma would taste very good.

But...I can infer from the second sentence that I'm yelling (because she can't hear) at Grandma that it's time to eat.

See how important commas are? Let's take a second look at our original sentence:

That's what your telling me right?

The above sentence makes virtually no sense. Confusion.

That's what you're telling me, right?

This is what I think you just told me. Am I correct? Muuuuuuch better.
Oh, and let me just say here and now that I wouldn't ever hire Elaine Benes to be my editor. My reasoning is based on one sentence I heard her say in one episode of Seinfeld: I could care less.

Okay, here we go. Another test. Is it:

I could care less

I couldn't care less

The second option is correct. If you "could care less", then why are you even talking about that subject??? When someone says this,  I couldn't care less about what they have to say because I'm so distracted by them saying I could care less. If you say "I COULDN'T care less," that means that there is nothing less that you care about. You're saying that you care so little already that you couldn't possibly care any less.

I'm willing to overlook your shortcomings, 20/20, if you promise not to disappoint again.

Oh, crap.

In other news, now that we're all in a cheery mood, head on over to Jess's blog to see my list of 10 Simple Things That Make Me Happy.


  1. 1) For the first five minutes I looked at the shoulder of the interrogator thinking "What, are they wearing shoulder pads or white after labor day?" Finally I realized that you were talking about the writing.

    2)It annoys me when people who get paid make glaring errors. I don't become enraged at typos in newspapers but if they are in the heading, that's a problem.

    3)writing has to make cents.

    4)This response went on one comment too long.

  2. Lol, love it! It's not a huge peeve of mine, but I understand your frustration

  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! This, too, is one of my biggest pet peeves! Drives me nuts!!!! Thanks for putting it out there in a fun and delightful read! :o)

  4. As a writer and editor, I feel your pain.

    Haha. I almost wrote "I feel you're pain" just to be a smart ass but I have a sensitivity filter!


  5. *comments after having read this blog entry for the third time, because it is THAT good --no, wait, it's G-R-R-REAT!* I love you.

  6. My pants sit loose on my hips. I'm afraid I might lose them.

  7. I have terrible grammar. I use the wrong punctuations in everything. I always confuse there and their. It's pretty bad, but i don't get paid to do it.

  8. Beanditch, A+++++++++++.

    Drone, yeah, it annoys me whenever I see these types of errors anywhere--but especially if someone's getting paid to write them.

    Raven, YOU'RE welcome. :)

    Sparkle, YOU'RE making me blush. ;)

  9. I have always known the correct usages of your and you're, so that error used to always drive me up the wall as well. Until I happened to notice that sometimes I screw it up too, despite the fact that I 100% know better. My brain just fails to properly supervise my fingers or something. Unfortunately it is the very nature of my screwing up that will make it impossible for me to even be aware of, let alone sympathetic to, your inevitable cringe. I'm just glad it doesn't bug me the way it used to (and yes, there was a very real chance I could have written "used too" there, and yes I deliberately made improper use of quotation marks there - I don't care if it's improper, it clarifies the meaning!).

  10. I dont't get the could care less or could not care less thing. Why don't they just say I care or I don't care? Throwing double negatives into the equation just complicates things.

    Last week a guy commented on my blog that he couldn't agree less. It took me several minutes to figure out if he was agreeing with me or not.

  11. Tatty, believe it or not, I'm actually less judgmental than I was a few years ago. I give people breaks and realize mistakes are made. Heck, in this post (or even this comment) I've probably made at least five mistakes. I just figured that 20/20 probably has a lot of editors looking at each of its episodes, and I'm a little disappointed that no one caught the errors before they were shown on national TV.

  12. As a copy editing, proofreading type of gal, I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It's not hard, people. With me, the biggest annoyance is "it's" and "its". Why can no one use these correctly? If I could drink a shot of tequila for every damn time I see someone put an apostrophe in where it should not be (e.g., It was scratching it's nose) I would be shitfaced drunk all day long. Seriously. As for "your" and "you're" I don't even see how someone could get that wrong. Apostrophes are there to denote missing letters or something being possessive. They don't show up in plurals (the bird's were singing) or dates (Back in the 1980's) No, no, no! They DO show up in dates if you're saying that something BELONGED to that date ('80s' music, '60s' cars).

    Holy shit, I'm a grammar Nazi. I need a drink.

  13. I am so judgmental about these things I have unfriended people, unliked pages and stopped following blogs in protest of poor grammar. Once I made fun of people who use poor grammar on facebook, and this chick I was friends with went out of her way to message me to scold me that "Some people have learning disabilities" and I was like "It's the internet, honey, and some people are lazy and don't care enough to type properly.". 98% of the people truly don't care, are lazy or are so dumbed down by text speak that they are just typing nightmares.

    I was pretty offended, because I've had learning issues my entire life and still do, but I can still tell you how to use "Your" properly. I have my slips, but I always correct them. x.x


    Also, have you seen this? Be patient and wait til the very end and click on the muscly arm. I think you'll be pleasantly pleased.



  14. "Y-O-U-R, Y-O-U-'-R-E/ They're as different as night and day/ Don't you think that night and day are different?/What's wrong with you?"- Strongbad

  15. I am SO glad I am not the only one who cares about these things...

  16. aww i feel bad cos i make that mistake a lot! *hides her face in shame* i also interchange its and it's haha. comeon! dnt u ever make these errors too?lol

  17. I'm too scared to leave a comment in case I drop a boo-boo in my spelling, punctuation or grammar! Eeek! :-)

    I've noticed it recently in our Ye Olde Establishment British newspapers and web sites - the BBC used to be terribly, terribly posh, correst and succinct. Now the reporting is on a par to our tabloids.

    You forgot the Greengrocer's Apostrophe - boy! does that one drive me demented! :-)

  18. Sometimes I think that the ability to see these mistakes is genetic, you know, like asparagus pee.....I also get a little antsy when I see these in writing but it is so common! I just have to glaze over it...

  19. Jenni, that link was great. Thanks.

    KitKat, I know that many people make these mistakes--it's normal. I'm just sad to see the mistake made on TV that reaches millions of viewers--even after the episode has been reviewed by a number of people beforehand.

    Christine, I'm really TRYING to glance over these common errors. I swear.

  20. That is hilarious!
    I'm with you though! My biggest pet peeve is interchanging the
    Their, there, or they're!
    I can't stand that!

  21. I lost several friends in high school over the alot/a lot debate.

    Speaking of...

    "A loose woman will lose respect."

    Look! Both words in one sentence! I totally win!


  22. I have such a hard time with "than" and "Then".. ahhh.. You would think that I would just learn the rule but noooooooo I keep forgetting.. LOL

  23. Amazingly put! I agree! You're so funny. =]

  24. First, Shows that air content like this is why I disconnected cable. It seems that is all they want to air rapes,murders and graphic violence.

    As far as the grammatical error goes, so if they're( not their or there) taking the time to proofread the telecast are they taking the time to verify information?

    I think M&M would make a great wrapper by the way!

  25. FINALLY, another grammar OCD person-I'm not alone in the world xD

    It's horrible to see these kind of typos from people who are actually getting paid to do this stuff! It's like did you happen to fall asleep in English class!?

  26. No love for the king of common grammar mistakes?


    Nobody gets that shit right and it's driving me crazy.

  27. I might be wrong here, but is it 20/20 or the police department who supplied that caption? I would think the PD put it onto the videotape in the first place, but maybe not. I have a lot of language peeves, such as "ice tea" instead of the correct "iced tea." Whenever I'm in a foreign country I say that I could make a fortune correcting all the errors in the English language on menus and signs. Could be a good job niche!

  28. The author of 'Eats Shoots & Leaves' needs to make a TV show. ;)

    I missed out on being taught grammar at school - yay for Whole Language - not! - but it's really not that hard to learn if you pay attention. TV and print media that doesn't seem to care is getting more common.

    It's hard to teach kids Literacy skills when they are being bombarded with such sloppy examples everywhere they look.

    Now Let's eat Grandma! ;)

    Whoops :p

  29. Yeah, I get bugged by that as well. This was a fun post to read, as someone who shares your pet peeve :)

    My kids have a great book called "Eats Shoots and Leaves" about the correct use of commas. It is fun and educational. lol

  30. Lets eat Grandma! vs Lets eat, Grandma!

    Punctuation saves lives.

  31. Hahahaha @Ashleigh's comment.

    I'm a bit of a grammar nazi myself. I get really, really irritated when I have to try to decipher what someone has written because they have only a basic command of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Maybe that makes me snobby. I try not to let it get to me.

    And honestly I was more focused on a smiling rapist with his hand down his pants than the 'your'. Lol

  32. I find myself laughing out loud when I notice spelling, punctuation, or the misuse of words as I read the newspaper, magazine, or any other piece of writing because I simply cannot believe that those mistakes got published. I also find myself cringing on the inside when I hear conversations with such mistakes as "him and I" or "Do you know where Walmart is at?" or "I had already called you" or "She bought the exact same purse", etc.
    So glad that I am not alone in regards to cringing at the sight or sound of grammar mistakes!

  33. That is an interesting pet peeve to have:)

  34. Hahahahahaha!! You crack me up!!! This had me laughing so hard because I hate it when things like this happen!!!
    I am your (double checking...yup it's....uh-oh....yup that is right too...) newest follower!! HA!
    Hope you will come over and visit me as well!!



  35. I wish I could "like" all of your comments, but right now all I can do is like 'em.

  36. Most social media is pretty informal, so I don't get too fussed about grammar rules. Except their/there, your/you're and its/it's. I just can't stand it. I've enjoyed a blog's content before and decided not to follow because the poor grammar was so annoying.

    I agree with drone re: errors in places where someone is paid to catch them. I've been seriously tempted to write our local newspaper and suggest they fire their copy editor, but I came to my senses and realized I was being crazy. Good to know I'm not alone!

  37. ooooh i hate this too!

    one of my pet peeves is "already". i was told in middle school that the proper spelling is "all ready" and it's haunted me ever since....

  38. I'm not the best when it comes to grammar or punctuation but i don't expect to see errors on well known TV shows or adverts. Spell check and proof read TV guys!

  39. love it! I haven't seen 20/20 in a long time. I suck a proofreading, and I know it but I think I hold 'professionals' to a higher regard when they make mistakes like that. Shouldn't they have a lackey to double check.

  40. Oh, you're too kind to excuse all those other errors if they get you're/your right!!! Get it ALL right, I say!! Especially if you're being paid to do so!!

    Enjoyed your post (and shudder to think I might have inadvertently made a spelling and/or grammatical error for you to poke fun at in another post ...)

    Have a great Easter break!

  41. Have I mentioned that I'm a copy editor for 20/20? (Not really, but if anyone from 20/20 is reading this, make me an offer; I'll work for house-cleaning services.)

    I'd list my pet-peeves here (as others have), but I have no room to judge. I stopped paying attention in English during 10th grade.

  42. I think you're crazy, but I'll admit your writing makes me laugh. I just might "lose my mind" if I don't get a daily dose of your blog - and I don't use that term loosely. While my punctuation and grammar are not their best, at least I leave a comment every once in a while. I've noticed some people leave two comments. I, too, would like to leave two comments.

  43. Haha, IHateEverything, I was taught in college that it's not "alright," but "all right."

    I think it's alright to use "alright," though.

  44. I give you award. Check my page :D

  45. Ai, can't believe they got that wrong. Following and supporting. alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  46. Your obsession with punctuation is greatly admired by me. It may not truly be an obsession but since you devoted an albeit hilarious post ranting about the subject I'm assuming it's something that you're completely bugged by. I am terrible at punctuation but even I know the difference between Let's Eat Grandma! and Let's eat, Grandma! (which made me laugh the hardest). Oh yeah- homework- "I'll lose my mind if these loose pants keep falling off!"

    LOL keep on blogging.

  47. God, this was funny. "Let's eat Grandma!" especially made me laugh.


    I would eat my Grandma.

  48. Wow. I didn't even notice at first because I was so unsettled at seeing a pervert scratch himself.
    :( Great catch though. 20/20...it isn't what it used to be. You know Barbara Walters wouldn't let anyone get away with that shit. ;)

  49. That kind of thing irks me too. Even though I proof read all my posts, sometimes I look over old posts and see stupid mistakes like that. I just cringe.
    When I notice mistakes like that in books, it boggles my mind. Aren't there like a million editors??

  50. Awesome post man! Keep up this great blogging work!

  51. Having angry feelings toward your grandmother?

  52. I effing love your blog! Youre so funny. I love reading shit like this.
    Im your newest follower and look foward to reading more from you. Follow me too? :)

  53. Funny how a single typo can ruin your night. but must agree that it is rather annoying when people paid to get that stuff right get it really really wrong.


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