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Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm So Versatile, Guys

I'm so versatile, guys. This award from Nabo proves it:

Now do you believe that I'm versatile? No? Here's more proof--I'm so versatile that this is the second time I've received The Versatile Blogger award--yet this one's in YELLOW, not GREEN! To match contradict the green Versatile Blogger award, I've created her a partner nemesis.

Hi, I'm totally not like the other Versatile award. I'm much more suave. Oh, and my name's Fred.

See, the yellow and green awards are totally not alike at all--very much different--versatile, if you will.

There are rules to receiving this award. But, I'm so different from anyone else here on Blogland that I don't have to follow rules, right? Fiiiiiine. So I'm not versatile. I'll conform to the rules like everyone else. Let's get to the grit of this ceremony, shall we?

Thing I have to do Number One: Tell everyone who I received this award from.
Thing I have to do Number Two: Tell everyone my dirty secrets. Whoops. What I meant was "Tell everyone seven totally and completely RANDOM facts about myself." Because if you're not random enough, then you don't deserve this versatility honor...
Thing I have to do Number Three: Give this super unrelated-from-all-the-other-awards-out-there prize to seven other versatile bloggers.

This is going to be FUN.
Totally and Completely RANDOM Facts:

1. I'm currently listening to Better Man by Pearl Jam. Bet you didn't know that, now did you? Yeah, that's what I thought.
2. Now I'm listening to Walk on the Ocean by Toad the Wet Sprocket.
3. I ate some Baskin Robbin's chocolate mint ice cream cake today and it was goooooooood.
4. These are all boring facts.
5. My absolute most favorite saying, ever: Drink Apple Juice 'Cause OJ Will Kill You. One year my friend gave me a mug with this slogan on it...but I don't know where in the freak that mug is. Dang. Yesterday I designed myself a bumper sticker with this saying on it. I really need to get a shirt with this saying. It's just so classic.
6. As we were driving around Anaheim last year, I saw this car with this, like, oh-my-gosh-freakin'-fantastic vinyl sticker...of the silhouettes of the hitchhikers from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. I just HAD to get that mint green vinyl decal. I searched high and low (but mostly low) in every gift shop at Disneyland and California Adventure for that sticker. Never found it...until I was on Etsy.com months later and found the lady who made all my dreams come true. Thanks to her, I now have the hitchhikers on my car. (No, no hitchhikers allowed IN the car.) Too bad no one in Utah even knows the reference to my sticker. #Winning. #Fail.

The vinyl decals are basically replicas of this Disneyland poster.

The lady was so nice that she even sent 3 stickers for the price of one! Now, if only I had 3 cars. Someday...
7.  Wait, here's something exciting to say: I played the game Telestrations today. I know you're jealous. Oh, dang it, that wasn't very exciting, was it?
7.25. Let me attempt to say something interesting, please? Okay, thanks. Guys, get this...yesterday I played the game The Poll Game (not to be confused with The Pole Game). And it was fun.
7.5. Attempt infinity to say something of interest: I'm listening to The One by the Backstreet Boys now. Yeaaaaaaaaah, buddy. Buddies.


I Bestow This Gift to:

Let me write a poem here, because I need to show off my versatility skillz (I bet you didn't know All-4-One was referring to me with their whole "She's Got Skillz" get-up, did ya?):


PS: Waaaaaaaait, I just thought of something amusing to write: I just listened to Out of My Head by Fastball and I'm currently listening to Triple Trouble by the Beastie Boys! (You don't know how relieved I feel just knowing that I said something interesting on this post. YES!)


  1. Loved how you made the Versatile award all dashing and kind of 007-ish :)


    And Pearl Jam is awesome, by the way.

  2. haha nice I've only seen the green versatile blogger award before ;)

  3. Congrats with your award. Haunted mission, I never forget that movie :D

  4. Have I ever mentioned that I REALLY like you?! :) And it's not just because you gave me an award, I promise... maybe...

    I LOVE that OJ saying. And the first place I ever saw it was in Hot Topic on a shirt, so your goal to get one is totally attainable.

  5. hahaha ur so cute and hilarious. thnks so much for giving me the award..whoop whoop!

  6. I was just thinking to myself the other day about how versatile you are. Only I didn't have an award to pass on to you, and I'm too worried about what people might think of me to just make up random awards for other bloggers who I want to use for free publicity (oh, did I say that outloud?). Crap, I forgot the point of this comment...Oh yeah, I'm glad you received this award, and even more importantly, I'm glad you passed it to MEEEEE, because now I have to write something funnier than you, and I just don't have that kind of free time (thanks a lot - really).

    Oh, can I use the green background? Green is my favorite color. I'm serious.

  7. Okay, so I crawled out of my deathbed to check my PNB (poor neglected blog) ...and what made the entire trek from bed to computer totally worth it? Why, getting awarded the Versatile Blogger Award from you! Thanks so much! And I seriously want to put the Fred button in my post. Because like you say, he's much more suave...and I need a little suave on my PNB. You know, to make up for neglecting it while I was sick. (sometimes you just have to do some kissing-up to your blog if you want it to still love you after obvious neglect) Anyways, I will get my post out asap! Thanks again, and yes I totally accept! Yay!

  8. Thanks Crackers for this totally original award love what you did to jazz them up. Is it me or does the yellow one remind you of the honey monster in a tux? Mmmm sugar puffs :)

  9. Congrats on the award! You most definitely are versatile!

    Thanks for giving it to me too! I feel so loved! I already have this one, but I'll definitely link to your blog in my next post! :D

  10. We did not know anyone else listened to Toad the Wet Sprocket... cool!

  11. I'm listening to "In The Next Room" by Neon Trees. Singing very loudly.

  12. Your blog makes me smile. :)

  13. Congrats on the versatile award!
    Found you off of kitkats blog, then again off of FMBT and thought it had to be fate so I'm following =D

  14. You have a great taste in Music; I love saying about apple juice and OJ, so fuuny. Thanks for sharing:)

  15. Please please please start your very own award with your own rules :) would love to see that one circulating around :)


  16. Sydia, my opinion is that the Haunted Mansion movie sucked. Big time. However, the ride at Disneyland is a whole other story.

    Bean, yeah, I saw the shirt from Hot Topic, oh, about 6 years ago, so I don't know if it's still in production. :(

    Elizabeth, you can give me an award that you made to promote yourself. I'll even promote you. Just give me the dang award.

    Katrina, I'm glad that Fred was able to lift your spirits.

    Sara, that was the most interesting comment I've ever received! Thanks.

    Caity, :)

  17. Congratulations on the award, and thanks for the advice...I'll never drink OJ again!

  18. I think you must be versatile... Don't know what gave me that thought. LOL.... great post!

    New follower... Hope you can stop over.


    Newest follower...keep up the with the awesome-ness.


  20. Nice post. Thanks


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