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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Suga Moma

I was just perusing through some old emails, reminiscing on good (and bad) times. My email is like a treasure trove of Shannon-ness. No, really. I've had the same email address since I was, like, 13, so just by browsing, you can easily see how I've grown in maturity (but not in height) within the past twelve years. Nah, not really. Anyways, as I was scrolling through the past decade of my life, I found an old email of a text conversation that I had with a random stranger. Apparently people mistakenly text me a lot? And apparently I like to act like I know these people who mistakenly text me? And apparently I like to save these weird little conversations that I have with strangers? Yes, yes, and uh-huuuuh. They (*cough, cough* meaning my parents) don't call me Shenanigans for nothin'.

August 2007:

Strange Number: How is jr. high so far? whats your favorite class? -aunt michl

Me: PE cuz I like all the eye candy

SN: ben!!! :)

Me: ssshhh, dont tell my parents...

SN: dont worry! its our secret!

Me: thanks youre da best! did i tell u i have a gf?

SN: no...is she cute? whats her name?

Me: yah i wouldnt date someone whos uuuugly...her name is ashley but were not official yet. we only been out once.

SN: blond? brown? black hair? long or short? eye color? maybe you should send a pic

Me: shes my suga moma

(attached was this picture):

Welp, I never heard from Aunt Michl again. I guess she thought Ben's girlfriend had flunked 8th grade one too many times...

Don't worry, Grandma, you're still hot! Just ask your friends on Hotornot! And your Hotornot friends wouldn't even care if, or how many times you've flunked 8th grade...because they think you're tasty just like that corndog you're eating. Mmm-hmm.

Sidenote: I got this approved by Grams before posting it. I told her that she was a "sugar mama," to which she replied, "Yeah, I am." Haha. Love you, Grandma!


  1. love it i needed that laugh soooo bad!

  2. hillarious. you are great at writing. good job.

  3. Shannon you crack me up!!! Can't believe you used to do that (or still do) :) You're my hero.

  4. What?!! You mean that was you sending me those random texts! You are a terrible person! I really thought my nephew had a girlfriend.

  5. This totally cracked me up!! I did the same type of thing to a friend of my 15yo son's the other day. When he finally figured out who I was I never heard from him again. Go figure.

  6. You gotta appreciate people with a sense of humor, though. However, if I found out I'd been texting my friend's mom, I'd be a little freaked out too. Haha.

  7. I bet she didn't know what to make of the picture.

  8. Just stoppin' by to catch up! Always funny around here! Great for a Monday morning

  9. LOL! Thanks for making me goggle and smile a 7th grader!!! Have a great week!

  10. Love Suga Mama! :)
    She totally a Monday Maker! :)


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