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Monday, June 27, 2011

Every Rose Has its Thorn


At a first glance, this award might be seen as nothing other than lovely.

But can you believe what the creator snuck into the picture? (It's nothing Disney-esque, so don't freak out if your child is viewing this.)

I'm having a hard time believing this, myself.

Take a closer look. I promise it's there.

Did you see it?

The teacup has a handle that resembles a rose's thorn.

Is Quirks of Matter is trying to give me a hint?...why would she give me an "award" that has four pink roses sitting in a thorned-theme teacup? What is she really saying? That my blog may look beautiful, classy, exquisite, divine, stunning, and angelic from afar, but once you get closer, it pokes you? I mean, like a real, sharp poke--not like one of those "friendly" Facebook pokes (it's fun poking fun at pokes). For those of you who aren't following, it's reasonable to conclude that this One Lovely Blog Award was a (subtle) reminder for:
Shannon has a pleasant, nay, lovely blog. It's comparable to the essence of a cup full of roses. Her stories are all nice and fluffy (like a bed teacup of roses). She is sharp, like the thorns of a rose, and you can get a feel for what I'm talking about when you read her stuff. About 9% of her posts have a punchline at the end that really gives you a sharp pain in your side from laughing so hard. I imagine that's what a rose thorn would feel like...if you were ever lucky enough to be poked by one...in your side. Her blog smells nice...while roses, well, they really smell like poo-oo-ooo [as revealed by the omniscient Outkast]. Shanimal's Crackers is just my cup o' tea, but Shannon looks more like a teapot--short and stout. Oh, and I've seen a few of these hearts around her page, so she really MUST be lovely.

Well, I GUESS I'll accept this award, but only because I think it's a pretty accurate description of my blog... minus the part where I look like a teapot...! Obviously. And for those of you who I'll be awarding this lovely, award to, don't worry, it's safe. I had Kudos taste the roses for me, to make sure they weren't too sweet or too sharp. She's was my guinea pig. That's a funny joke because she's really a cat. Ha. Ha. 

Look, I even have a picture of her taking her first sip, while wearing a very lovely rose headband.

Get your own rose headband for only five orders of $14.99! Available while supplies last.

And, no, this photo is not doctored. Anyways, here's what Kudos had to say about the cup full of roses and thorns:: Drinking this cup, I compare it to a kiss from a rose on the gray. 

And...I don't know what that means.

Sooo, moving along: I'm handing One Lovely Blogger Awards to not one, but to FIVE beautiful lovely bloggers:

Don't forget to stop and smell these roses!

Oh, and I forgot, but I have to list 7 r.a.n.d.o.m. facts about me, The Lovely Blogger, here:

-I like to customize any blog award I may receive.
-I lied. The above picture of Kudos IS doctored. 
-I don't think you could tell that the above picture of Kudos is doctored, but I needed to tell the truth, as not to feel guilty about lying. Plus, what would all (3) of my family members who may come across this post think about me? I can't believe that Shannon lied in print. In print! We're disowning her.
-Crap. I'm feeling a guilt-session come on. Okaaaaaay, so Kudos didn't really say, "Drinking this cup, I compare it to a kiss from a rose on the gray," but I have never understood those lyrics from Kiss From a Rose by Seal.
-I wonder what Seal did to get Heidi Klum to marry him.
-I am lying in bed. I don't know when to use "laying" or "lying." Guys, I already told you: I'm lying--so, of course, the previous sentence was a lie.
-I have to stand on the tub to alternate the shower head.

Wow, it was REALLY hard to come up with those facts. No, guys, seriously. I'm not even lying. Okay, I AM lying...down. I bet you couldn't tell if I was lying there or not, huh?


  1. YaaaAAAaaaAAAAys! I'm sure that I absolutely deserve any award declaring my blog as "lovely." It simply couldn't be anything OTHER than lovely!

  2. YaaaAAAaaaAAAAys! I'm sure that I absolutely deserve any award declaring my blog as "lovely." It simply couldn't be anything OTHER than lovely!

  3. Congrats on the award... my sources have confirmed the photo was "doctored"... but whats up with the one grey dying rose in the top right corner.... that seems very Black Swan to me!

  4. Awwwww, thanks Shannon! I'm honored to recieve a Lovely Blogger Award from a lovely blogger!

  5. Hey I am back to blogging and I missed your great posts. I see you redecorated or am I just senile and don't remember stuff? Anyway, congrats on the award.

  6. You are so funny! Although sometimes I have to wonder what Heidi Klum did to get Seal to marry her! ;)

    Thank you so much for linking up with Makes My Monday...you helped make mine!

  7. I may be permanently confused, but congrats on your award and I am looking forward to checking those blogs.

  8. Congratulations. You're all over the place in this post, love it. So funny.

  9. "I wonder what Seal did to get Heidi Klum to marry him."

    I'll probably lie awake tonight pondering this very question.

    Okay, I'm lying. I won't. ;-)


  10. You sound punchy :) Good job on coming up with those 7 facts. The most unique ones i've ever read for a blogger award!

  11. You guys are way too nice. In my opinion, this was the crappiest post I've ever written. I appreciate you guys! You make me tear up. I feel loved.

    Oh, and if you agree with me that this is my crappiest post, don't tell me. I already know. Plus, you don't want to make me tear up in a bad way, do you?

    If you do...then you're just mean.

  12. Oh, and Steve, I didn't even notice the black rose in the top corner. I just assumed that grayish area was the rose's leaves. Silly me--always looking at the brighter side of things.

  13. It's not possible that you could be overthinking this...right?

    I love you for your thorns, in any case. :-D

  14. I'm LMAO! Love it!

    I'm a new follower! :-)


  15. You crack me up! Thanks so so so much for the award! I used your Amish pick in the side bar this week! =) Love it!

  16. Love this post - it made me laugh incredibly hard. New follower from FFF.

  17. I never wondered what Seal did to get Heidi Klum to marry him. He's English (English guys are so charming!) and, most importantly, HE SINGS LIKE SEAL.

    Very cute blog post today. :)

  18. Laughing hysterically!

    Congratulations on the award!

  19. This is the most fun I've had reading a blog. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  20. I lie like a rug. What am I doing? (My head hurts from too much lying!)

    Congrats on your sweet, yet savory award. It was really pretty, too - until you changed it.

    BTW, I always thought that line in the Seal song was "I compare it to a kiss from a rose on the GRAVE." Yeah, this stuff I do NOT lie about. I thought he was kissing dead people. Sicko.

  21. It's always nice to get a reward isn't it! You sure deserve this one!

    CJ xx

  22. Hey congrats on the award! And wow, I didn't know they had magic eye versions now. I guess every rose has its thorn. groan.

  23. Congrats! I love your award update.

  24. I'm pretty sure Seal/Heidi is one of the great mysteries of the Universe, like the sock/dryer thing.

    I'm lying in bed too... with pants on, winkywinkywink.


  25. Congrats!! :) I got the same award a few weeks ago and shamefully haven't had a way to link and post about it. Somewhere in translation the 7 facts were lost, and I'm glad to have found your blog through the blog hop through Measuring Flower to have that info :)) new follower btw <3


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