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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thunder Mountain Man--My Inspiration

Dear 50-Year-Old Shannon,

I hope to be like that 50ish year old man (except in a woman form) my brothers saw at Disneyland (in June) who was carrying around a fart noise maker and pushed the button near teenage girls at Thunder Mountain (how ironic...since that wasn't the boom of thunder the girls were waiting in line for). He was cool because he had a sense of humor and personality and couldn't care less of his age. Please don't be a deadbeat. Oh yeah, I hope you're rich too.

Almost-25-Year-Old Shannon

PS: You don't necessarily have to carry around a fart noise maker to be cool when you're 50. On second thought, why would anyone need one of those, anyways, especially at Disneyland?? There's enough entertainment--you're at the happiest place on Earth, for goodness sake! Actually, that guy was also probably the type of guy who listens to his iPod at Disneyland--which, according to my brother, is like texting while on a date. Big no-no. Nevermind being cool like him. Disregard this whole letter. But yeah, I'm still hoping you're rich.


  1. Texting on a date is a bad thing?

    But twittering on a date is still cool, yeah?

    You're right. I'm not cool. I should have said "tweeting".

    Damn! I almost looked cool for a second or two there.

  2. thats awesome ;)
    following u on google from bloghop btw


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