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Monday, September 6, 2010

Myspace Nostalgia

I haven't been on Myspace in forever (sorry, Myspace, but Facebook has kind of been the new "it" thing since it beat you in popularity in 2006 or something. You were cool before you became uncool.) So, I thought I would login to my page and reflect on the good times Myspace and I had together. Apparently, I had written a couple of blog entries on my Myspace blog, so I guess this isn't technically my first time blogging. It was kind of fun to reminisce through my grand total of 2 blog entries:

July 10, 2007 - Tuesday
My Research

Current mood: Lollipop

For the last week I have been doing some serious research, with no grants, nonetheless! I have been observing people doing one of life's most pleasurable acts--eating. Eating, however universally pleasurable it may be, is also very telling of the kind of person the eater is--especially when it comes to hot dogs. Through my observations, one may be able to detect the eater's personality based on the toppings the eater has on his/her hot dog.

What topping you put on your hot dog says about you:

Hot dog with just mustard on it: You like to be the spice of life, or...get this!...you think hot dogs with mustard on it tastes yummy...?

Hot dog with just relish on it: You tend to like the sweeter things in life, or...get this!...you think hot dogs with relish on it tastes wonderful...?

Hot dog with mustard AND ketchup on it: You like everyone to get along. Everyone should be treated equally regardless of race, sex, or height. Why shouldn't red and yellow be able to coexist peacefully?...or, you like the taste of ketchup and mustard blended. Is that a weird observation or what?!

Hot dog with "the works" on it: You have a tough time making decisions and you're one who tries to please everyone. You can't decide which topping you like best, so you throw 'em all on. This act of using all possible choices to go onto your hot dog also satisfies your need to please everyone. You have successfully made every topping feel as if it was wanted or needed. You want everyone to feel welcome, or...get this!...you like to eat hot dogs with the works because it satisfies your taste buds...?

I hope this hot dog observation has been as beneficial to you as it has been to me.

February 11, 2006 - Saturday
You Know You're From Vacaville When...

Current mood: Nunchucks

-You remember when the Nut Tree was a fun, family-oriented place
-Every raised truck you see driving around reads "Nor Cal"
-You take pride in telling people that Vacaville is where the band Papa Roach is from
-Your other claim to fame is you have The Outlets (but don't shop there...often)
-You know at least two people who work at Mary's Pizza Shack, Chili's, or Brenden Theatres
-You have been to the Zodiac Killer's shack
-You don't ever go to the mall because it's too far and Fairfield is hecka scary
-You use the word hecka
-You know Jarrett Bush, of the Green Bay Packers, is from Vacaville (and my bro knew him)
-You remember when Andrew's Park was a whole new concept and The Wooz was SO much fun!
-You've been to Candy Cane Lane at least 3 times every Christmas
-You are afraid of Markham & Brown St.
-You have raced to "Hamburger Hill" for lunch
-The Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is mandatory at least once in your lifetime
-You know that the Vacaville prison held Charles Manson
-You remember that the-building-that-is-now-a-church on Marshall Road used to be a movie theater
-You remember that the-building-that-is-now-a-church on Orange Drive used to be Galaxy 8, the second theater to be converted into a church

Myspace, thank you for having "blogs" on your site--you have taught me the ways of correct blogging--by writing about dumb stuff. Seriously, thank you. Also, please thank Tom for being my friend on your site. He stuck with me the whole way. What a good guy. Say, how come they're not making a movie about him?? He should be the one having a movie made after him. After all, that dude from Facebook isn't even my friend on Facebook. Lame! Now he has his own movie? What's this world coming to??? Oh, that's right, it's come down to basing people's personality types off of hot dog toppings.


  1. I have nothing on my hotdogs. Which I think says about me that I'm nobody. Also, it says I hate mustard and relish.

    I haven't been on Myspace in forever either. Plus I deleted Tom as a friend. He and I had a falling out after I dreamt about him having sex with my mother.

    It was awkward the next time I went on Myspace and saw his picture there.

  2. ScoMan, next time you think you're nobody, just remember this little quote (it helps me get through things):

    I Am Nobody. Nobody is Perfect. Therefore, I'm Perfect.

    Don't you feel better already?


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