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Monday, August 9, 2010

A Whole New World

Well, I did it! I created a BLOG...and on 8/9/10, nonetheless! You know, a few months ago if you had asked me what a blog was, I would've been like, "it...uh...rhymes with log. And dog. And hog. And fog." I would've gotten an F for that answer--because it's so "F"antastic--and it wouldn't have been the first F I've ever received, either. Sad, but I'm just now discovering this whole other world that is known as blogging. And, truth is, I'm not too keen on writing about myself for the whole internet world to see. What made me do it, then? I actually have no freakin' idea. I doubt anyone I personally know will see this (unless I later decide to share the link) but maybe I did create this blog because I'm sooooooo horribly bad at writing in my journal (yes, I am just NOW writing about September 11 in it...only nine years late). So, if you like to randomly read random people's random thoughts and random feelings and random encounters, then you should randomly read this random blog.

PS: I thought it only appropriate to add a random picture to fit this first post.
PPS: Sorry if it scares you.

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  1. It was wonderful to read about your blog beginnings. I wasn't sure what I direction I wanted to go in or what I was going to write about at the beginning of my blog.


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