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Sunday, August 15, 2010

OMG R U 4 Realz?

Texting: The new talking. I'm not against texting, in fact, I kind of like it. I mean, talking on the phone can be a pain...just take a look at this. With texting you can just say what you need to say without having to do all the dreaded small talk only to find out what your friend's new puppy, Maggie Mae, slobbered on today, whose butt Maggie Mae sniffed, or what kind of Kibbles 'n Bits is Maggie Mae's favorite flavor. And say if Maggie Mae's new owner happened to text you about Maggie Mae's new "trick" of being able to "play dead," you simply don't need to respond--that's the beauty of it. However, there is also a beast to this beautiful invention of texting--the way it has taken over our spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

If you can spell you automatically get bonus points from me, but all 2 often i c ppl type like dis on da compu & it annoys da heck outta me. lol. its fine 4 when ur txting bc dat takes 4eva on da fone 2 type but on da compu there is no need 4 it. omg. lmao...

On a happy thought: Doesn't your heart glow when you get a text? I know mine does. As soon as I hear the Seinfeld theme song make its round from my phone, I know that I am loved (because, hellooooo, I just received a text...and apparently, if someone texts you, you're loved). Anyways, a few weeks ago, I received a text from someone who had a Michigan area code. Random. They obviously had the wrong number when they were sending me picture messages (but who knows, they could just be sending pictures to made-up numbers out of sheer boredom). I'm one of those people where if you text me accidentally, I'll just text you back as if I know you--it keeps my life exciting. Our conversation went like this:

Them: Here we are at Caesars Palace! (Attached: picture of a hotel, obviously in Vegas)
Me: Here we are in the kitchen! (Attached: picture of my kitchen...)

Them: Good morning from Las Vegas! (Attached: picture of a sunrise)
Me: Good afternoon from our home! (Attached: picture of the Utah mounta

Them: Breakfast at The French Laundry (Attached: picture of...a sunflower)
Me: Dinner at The Hidden Cottage [my home is referred to this name by my parents] (Attached: picture of some fake tulips)

  THEM                                                                                ME
Jamie the electric border collie
Truffles the chocolate kitty

If they kept texting me over a series of a couple of weeks because they seriously thought I was Sally's son's hairdresser's cousin's dogsitter, well they got a group of mind-boggling pictures, then. And if they were then frantically trying to identify who I could be based on the pictures I sent, well, good luck with that! You might want to try calling next time. But if they were just sending random texts to a random person because they were bored to tears and couldn't think of anything better to do (while in Vegas), then this is all I have to say to them:  
Congratulations! You're cool!

To see more random texts from Random Michigan Number, click here.

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