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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stick to It

(Kind of) like a normal girl, I love kitties, horsies, and anything else remotely cute.

Especially this.
Minus this.

I recently rediscovered what all girls at one time or another had--a sticker collection.

Rainbows and unicorns make the world a happy place.

And, just because I collect(ed) unicorn stickers doesn't mean I'm all girly-ish. Because I'm not. I hate to do my hair...and the dishes. And, however cheesy as it may sound, my I'm Special stickers flooded my mind with a number of different emotions. (Does talking about feelings make me sound more maidenlike?) And, since I'm (kind of) like most girls, I overanalyzed every sticker I've ever seen.

Johnny gave me an orange with a sunKIST sticker on it. Do you think he wants to kiss me? Because that's kind of the vibe I've been getting, and maybe this sticker is him letting me know he wants to kiss me. Unless he didn't realize the sticker said KIST. Oh...maybe he doesn't even know that KIST sounds like kissed. But I still think he wants to kiss me. What do you think?

Here's my conclusion: Based on my *extensive research, I've found that most of my stickers fall under three categories (and, I'm assuming, these groups represent the majority of stickers ever to be printed). And, guess what! These categories are represented nicely by stickers from other girls!:

A) Femininity:

My baby yellow Volkswagen Beetle wasn't girly enough before I had to bring in the fairy Hello Kitty theme.

OMG! I just broke a nail shifting gears!!!!!
B) Playfulness:

Hehehe. My shoes have little bumper stickers on them!

C) Love:

Stickers in a card. Awwwwwwwww. Now where's the money?!

Yes, Casey, it DOES prove it. You're free.

So, I think I'll just keep doing what I do best.

And just keep sticking it...
If I roll up my sleeves...

...I'll look strong pounding the heck out of this dough

                              ...To the man.

That'll show him for blocking my view of The Decemberists!

*Perusing through my Hello Kitty sticker albums


  1. I totally had a sticker collection when I was little as well as a hockey card collection!!!

  2. I am so envious of your Hello Kitty car! It's the best and only marginally girly. (It's not a pink car, afterall).
    You're too fun.

  3. I love the little shoe bumper stickers!

  4. I LOVE the shoe bumper stickers too, they're brilliant! LOL :o)

  5. You are so right, every girl had a sticker collection at some point. I did, all my friends did to. We used to swap them, you'd get 3 stickers if you had a furry one!

  6. Sticker Power! (Now where had I heard that before?)

  7. Laughing reading this, as always. Gosh, I've forgotten about my sticker collection... but now that you've reminded me, hmm... where did I saw them last???

    ps: It's sunkist, not sunkiss, even if it sounded kinda the same. So I hoped you didn't kiss Johnny.

  8. You always crack me up. Thanks for a great start to the week! I love the shoe bumper stickers most of all:)

    Thanks for joining Footloose and Fancy Free!

  9. Very funny blog.I love stickers also. You reminded me that I need to buy stickers for my scrapbook.lol

  10. The shoe bumper stickers are priceless! I used to collect stickers too. Even the ones off banannas. :D

  11. good stuff!! the shoe bumper stickers were superb!

    thanks for riding the train today, now following so i won't miss any of the good stuff!
    Jen Greyson | Author

  12. Awh! Bumper stickers on shoes, that's awesome. I just came across my sticker collection! Most were used to plaster my mom's antique dresser in the '93 incident:)

  13. DUDE, the bumper sticker sneakers rule. I would so wear those, if I ever spotted such things...

    Somehow I manage to be a tomboy who adores and collects stickers, girl toys, Lisa Frank items, and all things adorable, especially animals of all sorts. So, may I just take a minute to say that...all of these stickers/pics are awesome. 0_0

    To compensate for a lack of cash, I plaster my cards with portions of my thousands-strong sticker collections, covering every area that's not already illustrated. The stickers are specially selected for each individual, so the goal is for them to become so engrossed in examining them all and admiring my gorgeous efforts that they forget about anything else for which they might've been hoping. My cards are the best gifts. ;) Or, so I sometimes think, anyway.

    So, yeah. Talk about over-analyzing and having extreme emotional reactions to stickers. That's me to a T. (And I'm 24...doubt I'll ever change. Thank goodness. >;P) It'd be a dream come true to drive a VW Beetle or bus stickered/painted with awesome colorfulness. 8D Keep stickin' it to the man!


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