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Friday, May 13, 2011

I Am Your Sunshine, Your Only Sunshine

Usually I find myself responding to "that one short girl," my sister's name, or quite simply, "hey, butthead." You know, the usual pet names. However, tonight I find myself being called something that I've never been called before: The Most Sunshine Blog, thanks to Syida. Because if my blog ain't sunshine and daisies, then I don't know what is.
I don't see any sunshine on this picture. I might have to rectify that. Or change the name of the award.

Guys, I just have to tell you that I've been typing in silence. So...I decided to turn on some iTunes to keep my mind from exploding. Know what's really funny (well, besides this joke: How do you wake Lady Gaga up? Poke her face!)? Well, the song that decided to play is...Steal My Sunshine by Len! I don't even know what the heck this song is about, but I love the irony of the whole situation. Kind of like I love cake. But now I'm starting to like ice cream more and more. Mmmm, especially Baskin Robbin's Lucky Mint ice cream. That stuff is to die for. Well, not really. I wouldn't die for ice cream. But, then again, maybe I would from overeating it.

Anyways, you don't need to steal the above award if you really, really, really, really want it. All you have to do is ask. But I'll probably say no. So, if you really, really, like, really (x10.73) want The Sunshine Award 2011, just join the blog hop at the bottom of this post. All you need to do is link up your blog's url and, voila! Millions of other bloggers will stop by your blog and take a looksie. Well, maybe not millions. More, like, hundreds. Pretty good deal, huh? It's a win/win situation for everyone: YOU receive a fabulous award, YOU get more visitors to your blog, and YOU are special (plus, you know, all this stuff about me giving you awards and thingies only makes me look like I'm a saint).

Yes, I really DO look like a saint...a saint who makes flowers blossom from the glow of my stunning face.

Join this blog hop if you want The Sunshine Award 2011 award. If you don't want the award, fine. You're more than welcome to put my altered version on your page. I know that's what you really want. There's no need to be shy here, we're all friends, right? Well, according to this blog hop, we are!

1. Follow HOST'S and CO-HOSTS' blogs through GFC.

Host-Tawna's Journey to a Healthier Me (Click this link to add your blog to the hop!)

2. Grab the button and put it somewhere on your page.


To link to this blog, copy and paste the code below into your site. This hop is scheduled to be open until Sunday night at midnight EST.

I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine (oh, so that's why my jeans aren't fitting as well. And here I thought it was just from all the Lucky Mint ice cream. Wow, I'm dumb). I got a love and I know that it's ALL mine, oh, whoa ooooooh.

Oh, wait, it's not ALL mine. You did steal my sunshine. Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.


  1. likin' the hop theme and I'll have to to check out that blog. BTW...I made you blog of the day. Hope it helps. :)

  2. I'm not an awards person (whatever that stereotype might be...I just know that I don't fit it...) but in addition to the Sunshine Award, if I were giving out awards I'd hand you the Moonshine Award too, everyone can use that once in a while!

  3. It doesn't appear that my previous comment posted. Blogger is so fun with all of its technical glitches constantly popping up! Anyway, in addition to the Sunshine Award, I'd like to give you the Moonshine Award, we can all use some of that sometimes! (PS I'm not an awards person, but if I were, you'd get one...)

  4. hi! :) thanks for telling me about the award, at least, i wouldn't have to steal it! haha :P i joined the blog hop too! as always, you are soo funny!

  5. haha, love the ady gaga joke :p

  6. I would NEVER steal your sunshine! (GASP.) Oh and blogger says I've "Logged Out". Yeah. No I haven't. Stupid blogger. Anyhooooo, joined the hop! :)

  7. Great post! Keep up the good work!

  8. Loved your Lady Gaga joke - so did my 15 year old... I'm sure it will be repeated several times today.

    Happy Monday!

    I've Become My Mother
    I've Become My Mother facebook

  9. I have not been by to visit for awhile so I thought I would see what you have been up to.
    Congratulations on the award:)

  10. Congrats on the award!

    (And I love cake too. Cake rules. Bet you would never guess that I love cake.)

  11. I don't think I would die for ice cream either. But if some nefarious character were all, "I'm gonna make you die for ice cream, but I'll let you pick the ice cream," then I would pick Ben & Jerry's Phish Food. And the dying part wouldn't even be so very bad.



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