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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shanimal's Southwest Wild Adventure!

Ever wondered what Southwest wildlife encases?
Welcome to Shanimal's Southwest Wild Adventures! Here you'll learn about Southwest wild animals. 100% guaranteed. If you're not satisfied with this tour, well then, I guess you've just lost some of your valuable time. View at your own risk. As you don't know, I just went on a trip through Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and up through Utah again. I visited six National Parks along the way. Below are stupendous pictures I took of all the wild animals I saw.

Not Pictured: Elk.

The Tarantula! I had never seen a wild one before, so this was a rare treat. Well, maybe "treat" isn't the correct word, but it was a rare occasion. I tried to convince my grandma to hold it but for some reason she sharply declined.

Grand Canyon (South Rim) National Park

The Raven! This bird was very common around the desert areas. Apparently, these birds are pretty dang smart. One of the smartest in the world. Speaking of ravens, did you know they're in the process of making a movie about Edgar Allen Poe starring John Cusack?

Grand Canyon (South Rim) National Park

The Mule Deer! Okay, so we have deer in our yard every night, so this wasn't such a "treat". Okay, so they still were very cute to look at. One thing that I found out about them a few weeks ago, though, is that they don't like to eat potato peelings. Interesting?

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

The Ladybug! Wiiiiiiiild. Craaaaazy. I can't believe I actually saw a ladybug up close and personal!...I actually saw about ten. And no, I'm not really this excited that I saw a ladybug. Yes, ladybugs are cool and all, I just don't get super excited over them. Do you think the males feel confused or offended knowing that they're constantly being called ladies? So feminine. Hmm. I sure am writing a lot about something that I don't get very excited over, don't I?

Some National Park and Everywhere Else, USA

The Peregrine Falcon (I think...)! I'm not really a bird-person (so no, sorry, but I don't birdwatch) but this bird was magnificent. He ruled the roost. He was just perched watching us. I'm just glad he didn't poop on us. Oh yeah, his wingspan was cool. Very big.

Mesa Verde National Park

The Rock Squirrel! Did you know that the most common injury at the Grand Canyon is squirrel bites? Yeah, just look at this cute guy to the right...taking a bite...out of a cracker (I didn't feed him so don't report me to authorities--I'm just the photographer). Well, after he had his cracker snack, I sat down on the wall and he decided to climb across my lap...and I was even lucky enough to pet him. Yes, he was looking for crackers. I know I'M crackers but that doesn't mean I carry crackers with me. Phew. I'm lucky I survived and wasn't bitten by this cute little fella. I'm sure he wouldn't be cute after being bitten, but for now let's say he's cute.

Grand Canyon (South Rim) National Park

...and the Wildest of the Animals Was...

This! Oh, you mean you can't tell from this crappy picture what I'm trying to show you? Okay, okay, I'll just tell you. It's a wig! A wig that was so horribly wrong and didn't match the guy's real hair that I had to take a picture! Unfortunately, the picture doesn't do the hairpiece justice. I don't mean to be rude, sir, but the people you were with should have told you the piece just didn't fit, or match, and that it looked like roadkill.

Dangerous? To the eye. Captivating? Definitely. Wild? So wild that I didn't want to get too close--it might bite.

Bryce Canyon National Park

This concludes our Shanimal Southwest Wildlife Adventure! Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to pick up a brochure on your way out. Don't forget, animals are wild and have a mind of their own...or they like to sit on people's minds...or heads.


  1. I love the picture of what we've decided is some sort of Falcon. I know less a bout birds than you, so we'll just go with Falcon.

    How do I know I know less about birds than you? Because usually with a big bird I just go with "Hawk". Maybe "Eagle" but I don't know that there are even Eagles in Australia. I didn't know birds could have up to three words for their name. Okay maybe two words because "The" doesn't count.

    I bet everyone there was hoping the Falcon would steal the hairpiece and fly away.

  2. I must confess, as I was reading your post I was a little meh about the whole Mutual of Omaha vibe. But I reminded myself who I was reading and trusted you... the last picture had me rolling for 5 minutes into the next blog I was reading... once again, totally worth the visit. As always, thanks for the great post...


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