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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...?

I worked at a movie theater many, many moons ago. Around seven years ago, though, one night I was put on podium. For those of you who don't speak theater language, this means that my job for that night was to be the greeter and ticket ripper who greets and then conducts the customers to their appropriate screen.

It's horrible to be put on podium. So repetitive. So, when a guy walked into the complex and asked me if I knew where a mirror was, I was glad to have a change of pace and was able to direct someone to the bathroom instead of theaters, of which I was sick of saying Blah Blah is in theater xyz to your right.

Our conversation went something like this:

The dude: Do you know where a mirror is?
Me: Yeah, in the bathroom...
The dude: Okay, thanks.

Thrilling, right? I told him to go ahead and go to the bathroom (since, obviously, that's where mirrors usually are). The guy headed for the bathroom. For a few seconds, I just asked myself how this dude could not know where a mirror would be. Strange people in this world, I tell ya. Then, I moved on in my train of thought and continued with my Blah Blah is going to be in theater zyx to your lefts.

A couple of minutes later, the mirror guy approaches me (again!). What can I expect from him now? Where could he find toilet paper?

The dude: A mirror's not in there. You mean, you didn't see that whole wall that was plastered with your reflection?
Me: Okay...I'm pretty sure a mirror's in there.
The dude: No, I checked and didn't see him in there. Oh great, this guy is giving the mirrors genders and naming them? Geez.
Me: Him?
The dude: Yeah, you know, a mirror.

----------------------Long pause----------------------

Me: Umm...oooooooh. You're talking about Amir! Oh, yeah, I think he's working concessions tonight.

Alas, the mirror dude just wanted to see Amir (which is conventiently prounounced like a mirror). It just made so much more sense! Who's the dumb one now, Shannon? Why don't I just go take a look in the mirror...which is in the bathroom. (That's also where toilet paper is kept, for your information).


  1. I bet that guy walked into the bathroom thinking "How the hell does she know Amir's in the bathroom? And how long must he have been in there for when she looks like she's been busily working away for the last few minutes."

  2. haha! Totally reminded me of when my parents moved from Canada to Tennessee (can you get anymore far removed in accent than that???) and when his car broke down a kind stranger looked at the engine and said, "Ain't no fahr!" - yea, it took my dad several minutes to figure out the guy was talking about fire.

    I love those kinds of stories! Thanks for the good laugh this morning. I am hopping over from Time 4 Mommy.

  3. That's so funny!! I can definitely see where the conversation went a little awry!

    Have a great day.
    CJ xx


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